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Right now, to purchase a gift subscription, you will need to purchase as yourself (or some other email address) and then have your giftee update the account later:

  1. Make sure you're logged out of any account on
  2. Add a new subscription to your cart.
  3. When creating an account use any email other than the person who will receive it if you want to keep it a surprise. You can use an email alias or your own email.
  4. Checkout using your payment method and their shipping address.
  5. When you hand over the gift, or when the shipment is received by your giftee have them login to with the information you setup.
  6. Have them click on the Logged in as <name> link in the main menu and then Manage Subscriptions.
  7. From here they can change the account email and payment methods for future issues.

PS - This will get better over time. We are currently limited by our shop. As soon as improvements are available we'll make this easier.

Our goal is to help people. If our program doesn't work for
you we aren't doing that. If something is broken or missing, we'd love
the opportunity to fix it and win back your confidence. If Aluma wasn't
right for you altogether, we'd love to hear your feedback and give you a refund. We work on the honor system here, so we provide this flexible policy with the trust that you are truthful about your experience and use of the product.

Contact us at or the chat bubble on the bottom right if there's a problem.


First you need to login via the main menu in the upper left hand corner of the website. This will be the username and password you created when you purchased.

Once you're logged in you'll notice a new menu option in the main menu called "Listen". Under "Listen" you'll have access to all of the audio content for issues of Aluma. Find the issue you're currently working on and plug in some headphones. You're good to go!

If you have any problems finding or playing the audio content, be sure to contact support via the little bubble on the bottom left of the site or via email.