Happy Mother’s Days! Plural!

We. Love. All. Of. You!

The best message you’ll get today is hopefully from your kids. But, I hope you’ll think about this short message a little today, or whenever it gets to you.

We know it’s not helpful to burn the candle at both ends at the office and then only have one full day binging on our vices. It’s common knowledge that eating bad all the time and working out super hard for one day is not helping (nor does it feel good, ugh). That doesn’t work long term. We need to provide enough balance and space every day to make sure our effort is well placed and thinking is clear. Otherwise we’re just burning rubber.

The same thing is true when parenting is part of that equation. We don’t just need a full day off every six months to a year to right ourselves. We need to step away mentally just a little every day. Do something you love. Play. Think. Ask how things are going. Re-ignite passions. For fifteen minutes.

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and reflect on Motherhood. That involves some special gifts and fun treats. But remember to make some time to think, be mindful, and even make something you love.



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