Wayfinding: Why We're Pausing Subscriptions

Hey everyone,

I'm Kevin, and I work on a lot of the operational things here at Aluma. Just a quick little post today to talk to you about a decision we made regarding Aluma as a subscription product.

As you know, Aluma launched as a subscription workbook program. After we shipped our first books back in May, we set after getting the next workbook to production. As you can imagine, proofing, printing, shipping, and producing something like this workbook takes a lot of time. The delays and costs in supply chains that COVID-19 have caused a lot of issues.

Our options were to

a) Rush the job and scramble everyone to get it to anyone that would make our deadline, or

b) Pause the next release and subscriptions and focus on listening to customers while we do our next couple of products (yes, there are more!) right.

We’re choosing Option B: Ending the subscription for now and making Aluma Vol. 1 a single-purchase product.

We're still making more workbook issues

This was a decision about how we sell Aluma, not if we will continue to make it. We still have all the goodies almost ready to go, and Volume 2, complete with a new theme and fun activities, notes from Nichelle, and more, will be available in Q4 of this year.

We are also in the process of generating ideas for new offerings to help mothers in even more ways. So this isn't a step backward for us; it's a side step to move forward.

There are some fantastic side effects

This change also means some things we can do now for customers that we couldn't do before, like offer financing/breaking up payments on our products and offer Gift Cards.

It gives us more wiggle room to do more things for you.

A subscription is still an option

We chose to stop due to the stage of the company, the state of the world supply chain, and how our current product is positioned to our customers. Those things will all change. We do see a subscription of some kind existing in the future, but now we don't think we're at a point where it helps our customers.

Any questions, let us know on Instagram, Facebook, or via Email.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

-- Kevin

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